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Slices, dices, chops, chips, julienne and a lot more comes with 4 different blades and safety handle as a bonus you also get a bowl and lid to fit the Ergo Mandoline.

All blades are made out of stainless steel and its main body and parts are an extremely durable ABS plastic which will not rust and the blades will never need sharpening. Better yet it is made right here in Australia.

The Ergo Mandoline is great for salads, stir-fry, barbeque, sandwich and of course potato french fries and a lot more. It will cut through anything from Soft tomatoes to your rock hard pumpkin. It comes complete with a bowl so you get no mess also is a lot safer because the bowl prevents slipping.


Large Julienne blade
7mm blade cuts thick strips. Perfect for french fries and large dicing.

Fine Julienne Blade
3.5 mm blade is ideal for cutting fine vegetables for salad and fine dicing.

Thick Slicer Blade
Snaps into the slicer and provides for thick precision slicing of fruits and vegetables.

Thin Slicer Blade Snaps into the slicer and provides for thin precision slicing of fruits and vegetables.

Adjustable Safety Handle Produce is inserted into the adjustable safety handle to give you a nice and secure hold.

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Weight 1000 g


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